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CCE and the BYU Arts Building

Students gathered in a combined seminar to listen to the BYU Facilities group discuss the development of the new BYU Arts Building. Students learned about the design and pre-construction process from members of the BYU Physical Facilities team, (the project coordinators) and Big-D (the general contracting team).

Justin Weidman, the faculty seminar coordinator, shared, “It's wonderful to have the support of such experienced leaders in the industry and to learn from projects on our own campus. It's a tangible complement to the concepts our students learn in the classroom.”

In addition to professional topics, the speakers made a point to teach that the care with which we design and build structures should be a reflection of the care we put into building our lives as disciples of Jesus Christ.

The seminar was held on February 1st, and was attended by the majority of the Civil and Construction Engineering department’s nearly 1,000 students and faculty.