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Department Information

Civil and Construction Engineering (CCE) Mission Statement
We strive to prepare world-class civil and construction engineering leaders who are committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

CCE supports a dynamic and energetic set of disciplines within the built environment. A diverse and expert core of full-time faculty provide a broad spectrum of experience in academia, industry, government, and research. Adjunct faculty add further value and band width to educate and support each student.

Each field involves a subset of specialty areas.
Civil Engineering Specialty Areas
1. Geotechnical
2. Structural
3. Transportation
4. Water

Construction + Facilities Management Specialty Areas
1. Construction Management
2. Facilities + Property Management
3. Infrastructure Development + Management
4. Real Estate Development
5. Architecture + Design

Students in the program complete a set of core CCE courses as they begin their major emphasis. Ample support and resources are offered to help students succeed prior to choosing a specialty area that speaks to their professional and academic goals.