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Dr. James Smith awarded the B. Keith Duffin Teaching and Learning Faculty Fellowship

This award recognizes excellence in teaching, and is meant to support teaching and learning with a special emphasis on BYU's Aims.

Dr. Smith graduated from BYU’s Construction Management program with his bachelor’s degree in 2003. After graduation, he worked in industry for seven years in Nevada and Utah, before returning to BYU for his master’s degree. He then received his PhD in Architecture from Texas A&M University in 2013.

Dr. Smith started his teaching career at Clemson University where he supported the football team, participated in the development of an Integrated Project Delivery certificate, and multiple other collaborative efforts between architecture and construction management students and faculty. Dr. Smith is currently an associate professor in BYU’s Civil and Construction Engineering Department where he teaches a Fundamentals of Construction and Facilities Management class, the Preconstruction class, and a Leadership in the Built Environment graduate course. His research focuses on trust-building in the construction delivery process including alternative project delivery methods, interdisciplinary learning, and lean construction.

He and his wife, Kim, have 5 children spanning ages 8-19, and now live in Vineyard, UT. Dr. Smith enjoys time with family, playing volleyball and basketball, and watching almost any sport. His family enjoys spending time in the mountains and various board games.