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Sponsored Projects Recognition Award given to Dr. Norm Jones and Dr. Jim Nelson from CCE department

Professors Norm Jones and Jim Nelson have been selected as joint recipients of the Brigham Young University 2023 Sponsored Projects Recognition Award. Both professors are recognized as pioneers in scientific visualization, water resources modeling and hydroinformatics. In collaborations spanning three decades they have received $21.6M in external funding from the Army Corps of Engineers, the Federal Highways Administration, NSF, NASA, NOAA, and others leading to 132 publications. They have developed desktop and cloud applications used by thousands of organizations worldwide and founded the Provo-based software and engineering company Aquaveo. They have advised 18 PhD, 150 MS, and hundreds of undergraduate students. They gratefully acknowledge these students, numerous colleagues and mentors, their families, and the unique mission of BYU for their success.

Dr. Jones not pictured in photo due to a travel conflict. Carolyn Jones and Lauri Nelson attended the event with Dr. Nelson.