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Sustainability Decathlon Club receives $100,000 grant

Engineering and construction management students are working on building an energy net-zero and water-efficient home.

The Sustainability Decathlon Club at BYU is really excited and grateful for the opportunity to move forward in the Orange County Sustainability Decathlon. Competitions like these allow engineering and construction management students a chance to take a project from design all the way to the building process. A lot of us students found this aspect super unique and exciting!

Our team received a $100,000 grant after being accepted into the next phase of building the home. Our design focuses on increasing the durability of homes, increasing the efficiency of heating and cooling to decrease environmental and financial impacts, and decreasing the overall cost of homes. Together we intend on making an energy net-zero and water-efficient home. This summer and fall, the BYU students will be building the monolithic home to promote greener building practices.