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Local news highlights BYU research on Utah Lake

A new Fox 13 News article explains that "environmental experiments on Utah Lake could lead to solutions to restore it."

A recent report by Fox 13 News highlighted scientific studies on Utah Lake. Invasive species and algae are a couple of the more well-known issues causing the lake to be unhealthy.

Included in the report was an interview of Dr. Gus Williams and footage of his students out on the lake. They spend countless hours collecting water samples and conducting controlled experiments in "limnocorrals" to better inform lake restoration efforts.

Dr. Williams was quoted in the article describing that "A lot of these experiments are designed to give us better information. ... Clams, plants, geochemical, and sediment, and can we get some data so as we look at these restoration efforts we have actual data to work on rather just kind of an idea."

Read more here! There are many researchers collaborating across the state, and our department is proud to be part of the effort.