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Rollin Hotchkiss

Full-Time Faculty

430K EB
Provo, UT 84602


Dr. Hotchkiss joined BYU in 2005 after having worked at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Washington State University. He graduated from BYU with a B.S. in Civil Engineering, and completed an M.S. in Civil Engineering at Utah State University. After working for six years for the Tennessee Valley Authority, Rollin attended the University of Minnesota where he earned his Ph.D. He is a registered professional engineer and holds a Diplomate in the American Academy of Water resources Engineering. He and his wife, parents of four children, live in Springville, Utah.

Research Interests

Extending the useful life of dams and reservoirs, reducing fatalities at low-head dams, combining data collected by drones with other data sources in water resources engineering applications.

Teaching Interests

Fluid mechanics, computational hydraulics, global leadership

Licenses and Certifications

  • American Academy of Water Resources Engineers, Diplomate, Water Resources Engineer (2005 - Present)
  • Nebraska Society of Professional Engineers, Professional Engineer (1991 - Present)

Honors and Awards

  • Chabries Faculty Fellowship, Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology (2018 - 2020)
  • Hydraulic Structures Medal, American Society of Civil Engineers (2017 - 2017)
  • Karl G. Maeser Excellence in Teaching Award, Brigham Young University (2012 - 2012)

Administrative Assignments

  • Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering: Other (Move to BYU Citizenship?) (2006 - 2012)


  • Association of State Dam Safety Officials (2019 - Present)
  • U.S. Society on Dams (2019 - Present)
  • American Society of Civil Engineers (1978 - Present)
  • International Association for Hydro-Environmental Engineering and Research (2005 - 2021)
  • American Association for Engineering Education (2009 - 2016)
  • American Geophysical Union (2010 - 2012)
  • American Fisheries Society (2004 - 2007)

Professional Citizenship

  • Committee/Council Chair, Environmental and Water Resources Institute (2020 - Present)
  • Committee/Council Chair, Environmental and Water Resources Institute (2019 - Present)
  • Committee/Council Chair, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (2012 - 2020)

Courses Taught


Vinay, Salvador Rollin Hull Hotchkiss Ramirez Rollin Hull Hotchkiss Hansen, Forrest Anari, Razieh Randle, Timothy Gaston, Todd Rollin Hull Hotchkiss Hansen, Forrest Rollin Hull Hotchkiss Robert Bryan Sowby Rollin Hull Hotchkiss John Shelley Rollin H Hotchkiss Paul Boyd Stanford Gibson John R. Aedo Keith R. Otto Russell B. Rader Rollin H. Hotchkiss Mark C Belk Desiree Tullos Peter A Nelson Rollin H Hotchkiss Wegner David Izaak Cooper Rollin Hotchkiss Gus P Williams Seyed M Hajimirzaie Rollin H Hotchkiss Razieh Anari Rollin H Hotchkiss Eddy J Langendoen Kyla Johnson Lindsay E Wait Suzanne K Monk Russell Ben Rader Rollin Hull Hotchkiss Mark C Belk Ronald F. McGhin Rollin Hull Hotchkiss Darren Hinton Michael Cope Rollin H Hotchkiss Rollin H Hotchkiss Matthew George Ray Huffaker Daniel P Ames Darren Hinton Rollin Hull Hotchkiss Edward W Kern Rollin Hull Hotchkiss Daniel P Ames Luis F. Pineda-Martinez Oscar Dzul Garcia Rollin Hull Hotchkiss Mathias G. Kondolf Yongxuan Gao George W. Annandale Gregory L. Morris Enhui Jiang Junhua Zhang Yongtao Cao Paul Carling Kaidao Fu Qingchao Guo Rollin Hull Hotchkiss Christopher Peteuil Tetsuya Sumi Hsiao-Wen Wang Zhongmei Wang Zhilin Wei Baosheng Wu Caiping Wu Chih Wang Ted Wang Frans J. Lambrechtsen Rollin Hull Hotchkiss Murari Paudel Everett James Nelson Charles W. Downer Rollin Hull Hotchkiss Taylor Halverson Rollin Hotchkiss Rollin H Hotchkiss E James Nelson Nathan J Lowe Murari Paudel Everett James Nelson Charles W. Downer Rollin Hull Hotchkiss Russell Ben Rader Mark C Belk Rollin Hull Hotchkiss Jaron Brown Ray Huffaker Devin Rider Rollin Hull Hotchkiss David Thurman Alex Horner-Devine Ryan Morrision Rollin Hull Hotchkiss Howard E. Coker Rollin Hull Hotchkiss Dennis A. Johnson E James Nelson Rollin H Hotchkiss Lourdes Manley Oscar Dzul Joshua Draper Elizabeth A. Thiele Rollin Hull Hotchkiss Philip L. Thompson Ryan M. Morrison Rollin Hull Hotchkiss Mark C. Stone David Thurman Alex Horner-Devine Rollin Hull Hotchkiss Elizabeth L Thiele Everett James Nelson Mark C. Stone Rollin Hull Hotchkiss Mark C. Stone Rollin Hull Hotchkiss W. J. Conroy Rollin Hull Hotchkiss W. J. Elliot R. Huffaker Rollin Hull Hotchkiss Amanda Thimmes Ray Huffaker Rollin Hull Hotchkiss Rollin Hull Hotchkiss Emily A. Larson David M. Admiraal H. M. Tritico Rollin Hull Hotchkiss Rollin H Hotchkiss